5 Lies You Were Told Today

It’s as helpful to know what is true as it is to know what isn’t.

1. You’re supposed to look a certain way. (Comparison isn’t just a thief of joy, comparison beats joy to a pulp and leaves it for dead)

2. If you had more time, you’d be doing the thing you love to do. (Passion has a gravitational pull, it can’t be ignored)

3. You deserve what you have. (I’m thankful every day for what I have, but I didn’t do anything to have a mother that read us stories or a father with a steady job. Pretending that I “deserved” the life I came from is the worst of my foolishness)

4. Single-stuf oreos are an alternative for double-stuf oreos. (They’re just not as good)

5. If you don’t check your phone right now, you’ll miss x, y, and z. If you don’t check your phone, you won’t know what’s going on. If you don’t check your phone now, you’ll stay bored. If you don’t check your phone now, you’ll miss your chance to weigh in on an important conversation. If you don’t check your phone now, you’ll… miss out on life… That’s just backwards.

Figure out the lies, write them on firecracker paper, and let ’em burn. Enjoy your day, enjoy the truth, enjoy life.


10 Things I Know to Be True

Inspired by Sarah Kay’s poetry workshops, I do this little exercise to have my students brainstorm for potential writing. Here is my list for today:

1. I know that I cannot put down Pierce Brown’s Red Rising. It is the Hunger Games, but with better writing, better characters, and more intensity.

2. I spend more money on white mochas than I do on any other beverage. Shame, but man is it delicious.

3. Some of my students feel so utterly lost in life. School is the epicenter of that sensation that they “don’t belong”. 

4. There are some things I just. cant. fix. Effort and sincerity are wonderful things, but we live in a broken world, with broken systems, and broken people. Some things just don’t work.

5. But man is there something about a spring breeze in North Carolina that feels a little bit like heaven.

6. I am married to the most wonderful woman that I know. I’ve outkicked my punt coverage, I’m out of my league, I’m all the metaphors.

7. God got this music thing right. 

8. I’m not trying to say God got anything wrong, but allergies are the worst. But I guess, like Rudy Francisco says, I should be thankful that my “problems” are so small they can fit on the tip of my tongue (or in my nose).

9. I have some of the best friends a guy could ask for. 

10. I am going to be a published author. I’m going to keep going until the keys fade to dust, because I have stories to tell.