Why I love Sundays…

I know that Sunday means different things for different people. Depending on your faith, your activity in that faith, etc. you may view Sunday in all kinds of different lights. I love Sunday because it is the beginning and end of my week.

1. End: There is just something about Sundays that signals the end, the close of another week. I find myself in a more reflective mood and I usually find myself reflecting on what that week held. It’s helpful that my church has a time of confession, that we have communion every Sunday, and that we are called to worship through singing and prayer. I really enjoy the time and opportunity to look back on a week of…. work and friends and marriage and family and all of it. Every Sunday, I remember the pains and gains of my classroom (right now I’m teaching at Duke Young Writers’ Camp). Every Sunday, I think about where I fell short (and how God chooses to love me anyways). Every Sunday, I am reminded of the blessing my wife is, the blessing my family is, the blessing my life is.

2. Beginning: There’s also something about Sunday that signals new opportunity. I love taking that Sabbath day to rest, to regain my energy for everything I know is coming next. This week? I know that I have four more days at writing camp, that I need to have my lessons ready and my mind right. This week? I know that I have the opportunity to apply Geoff’s sermon and the chance to experience more of the Lord. Sunday is the turning point that sets our feet in a new week and new joys.

Maybe this is just splitting hairs… but I really enjoy Sunday. I enjoy the reflection of what has passed, the steadying for what is to come, and the restful present of the Sabbath. Now… let the week begin… or end… or whatever.