What Happens in School… Stays in School…


1. The kid who lost a button the other day and stapled his shirt together, like it was nothing.

2. The student who asked me who Chris Brown was today. And Rihanna.

3. The student who asked me what the word “tool” meant. 

4. The student who told people he got invited to my wedding and it was beautiful (He didn’t, it was.)

5. The student who DID A FREAKIN BOOK REPORT ON MY BOOK LIKE A ROCK STAR. And even drew my main character and what magic looks like in the Tower room and all this cool stuff!

6. The students who refer to me as the Steward because I’m the head of the Middle Earth club. Why do I have to be the guy who sets his own son on fire? Not a fan.

7. The student who came up after class and asked, “How do I make a difference? The poem was about making a difference. That seems so big. How do I start?”

I love my job. Happy Tuesday!