Writing Prompt #1 – Classroom

For all my English teachers/Creative Writing teachers- I will be including prompts that we use in our creative writing class on occasion. They’re random, but my kids love writing them.

Prompt: You’re in a classroom (either as a student or a teacher). The class is participating in a silent activity (perhaps a free write) when a school employee enters the room with a ladder. The employee asks the teacher if he can quietly work on something in the ceiling, and is given permission. He ascends the ladder, pops off the tile, and begins moving things around. What does he pull OUT of the ceiling? Make it something creative and imagine the reaction of the class or the potential consequences of what could come out…

Guiding comments:

Tell students to avoid cliche situations (gun, computer wires, etc.)

Think creatively! I imagined a puppy the first time I saw this. Think about how we would react if someone pulled a puppy out of the ceiling!!!

What does the man look like?

If you’re a student, when do you really start paying attention to the man? Are you distracted by someone in class? Are you thinking about what you’ll do that weekend for most of the time?