“What I Was Made For”

I still am figuring out how to write as a Christian. I don’t know that I’ll ever attempt to write direct allegory or painfully, in-your-face morality… but I want my pieces to be packed with what I believe and with who I am… The Breach might be the piece I get to do that the most. Here is an excerpt from that story:

The world vanished.

The empty, open air of the desert was replaced by the intimate cool of a cave. Ohone saw walls around him and lanterns lit ahead. He did not know why he was here, but he knew that he should walk. So he did.

At the end of the tunnel, a door. It was a circle, big and fat and round as an apple. Ohone was surprised to find that the door was open. A faint line of light sliced into the hallway. Something about that light told him he had been invited. He did not need to knock, and he did not need a key, he was simply expected to enter.

He set a tentative hand on the door and shoved. It slid open on oiled hinges. Before him was a vast cavern. He could not have said how deep or how wide or how long the room was, but it seemed full. Ohone walked past golden goblets and decorated armor and canvas paintings with intricate swirls. Not one treasure seemed the same as any other. Ohone thought the fullness had less to do with the treasure, and more to do with the reflective golden sheen they gave the room. There was a music, too, something rich and deep and on the edge of knowing.

With each step, the music grew louder and the objects grew brighter. When he had reached the center of the room, he stopped. There was a word for all of this, for this grandeur and splendor, for this brilliance and brightness. He felt that he knew the word, but he also felt like saying the word would have spoiled it somehow.

This, he realized, is what I was made for.

There was no transition back into the open plains, no shedding of golden walls, or fading of golden treasures, or softening of golden music, but a sudden and painful and forceful return to the present. Swati was there, of course, his hands warm and his smile sincere.

“What was that?” Ohone gasped.

“One day, you will understand that and so much more,” Swati said. “Do you trust me now, Ohone Beru?”