Why We Write

My creative writing class was given a simple prompt today… “I write because…”.

We write because:

I have the privilege of being alive today

I’m a madman, and madness is a good disease to spread.

Poetry hurts in a good way

There are temptations I don’t understand, that I run away from

I can’t speak

Most of the time people think about what they write, but they don’t think before they say something

I know how words can affect people and I want to deliver them.

For some reason, it always puts a smile on my face.

My kids need to know that I was young once, too.

My heart needs an interpreter.

I like looking back at things I wrote years ago.

I want to pass this class

I want everything in the world.

Maybe I can see a portion of myself from the past and observe how I’ve changed

It helps me understand everything.

It’s a way to get my feelings out.

I want to be like Maya Angelou.

It takes me to a different reality or place, and any place is better than this one.

Mockingjay ended horribly.

I want to be like the people who make me smile when I read their work.

Everyone has a story that needs to be told.

My feelings have to go somewhere.

The sun is still out.

Nsync broke up.

Negativity sounds better in poems

I have to get good grades.

I’m alive in the greatest country in the world.

Freedom isn’t free.

Tupac is alive in our hearts.

Writing is who I am and what I strive to do

Its the only thing that I’m actually good at

Some words are worth sharing.

People tell me I’m good at it.

It gives you purpose.

I’m aloud to.

You can make ugly things sound pretty.

I got this new pen.

I have so many ideas that I want to make known.

I love the feeling of hand cramps after writing something good.

I have a lot to say.

The stories in my mind give me a headache if I don’t.

I write because it’s healthier than complaining – Lance Kanaby

I write because my pencil loves the attention. – Lance Kanaby

It lets me express my feelings without saying them.

Its the only way I can express my feelings openly.

I like to see other people appreciate something I do.

I know what words to form to create a story.

It’s just fun.

I like to express my creativity.

I can view things from a different perspective.


This is why we write. Why do you?

Mr. Reintgen’s 2nd period Creative Writing Class (Sponsored by Lance Kanaby)