Nyxia Unleashed Preorder Giveaway

Did you love Nyxia? Already planning on reading the sequel? Then you should definitely cash out on this great giveaway. If you send me proof of preorder purchase for NYXIA UNLEASHED, I’ll personally mail you a signed postcard (by owl) featuring one of four favorite characters from the Nyxia series.

Follow the directions below to receive your artwork today:




  1. Preorder your copy of NYXIA UNLEASHED. It does not matter where you do this.

Amazon   Barnes and Noble  Books A Million  IndieBound

2. Send proof of purchase (scan, screenshot, photograph) to: bookpreorders@gmail.com

3. Along with your proof of purchase, provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Address (so you can receive the postcard)
  • Your choice of portrait. Please type KAYA, LONGWEI, BILAL, or EMMETT.

4. If you choose to preorder four books, I will gladly send you all four pieces of art.

5. Enjoy the face-melting glory as you receive this art in the mail.

6. For now, this is only open to US/Canada. There is a good chance that will change!

Please note: This option will be available until July 17th, 2017. Aside from in-person events, this is an exclusive offer for receiving these awesome pieces of art. The copy or production of these pieces of art without my permission is illegal, as the art belongs to me. If you think this art is amazing, as I do, you should follow Davood Diba on Instagram. I feel like he rocked these portraits completely out of the park. Go enjoy his work!