How to Get an Agent Classes

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Calling all writers! I am a full-time author, contracted for seven books now with Random House. These classes will allow me to share tips and tricks of the trade for writing successful query letters to agents, as well as navigating the publishing industry once you’ve found an agent. The good news? This is the most cost-friendly option out there.
Upcoming Class Date:
Monday, April 8th – 8pm-10pm
How it works:
– All sessions will be digital, hosted through Zoom.
– All sessions will last two hours with healthy time for all questions
– All sessions will be capped at 15 people to maintain a personal experience for you
– The cost of the session will be the cost of ONE PREORDERED NOVEL. You’ll simply preorder my upcoming middle grade novel, SAVING FABLE. I’ll ask you to provide a screen shot of your order and then I’ll put you in the upcoming class that best fits your schedule. So the cost is anywhere from $12-20 depending on retailer.
– Attendees will also get an EXCLUSIVE look at direct feedback from my agent on my original query letter, which provides an inside look at how agent’s react to our query letters during the reading process!
Query Letter Critique:
For an additional $20 fee, you can choose to have your query critiqued after the workshop. If you take the workshop and find my advice valuable, you may consider this option as well. This is totally optional.
How do I sign up?
– Please email me at Once you’ve selected your session and provided your screenshot of the preorder, I’ll book your spot for that session.
Testimonials from previous workshop participants:

“I had the pleasure of taking Scott Reintgen’s query workshop. Not only is he a terrific writer, he is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.  I thought I’d learn a few tips on writing query letters and was pleasantly surprised to learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. A great course. I would highly recommend it!”

– Wendy Zalatan, workshop attendee

“I’ve gotten a lot of query critiques from various places across the Internet, and this is by far the most detailed feedback I’ve ever had.”

– Paul Crockett, workshop attendee

“If you’re serious about getting your book published, then take Scott’s workshop. It’s clear from the onset that he has a background in teaching because his presentation is highly focused, packed with information, and also fun and approachable. I’ve been to countless industry workshops and I would rank this one at the top.”

– Cara Brunello, workshop attendee