Interested in booking me as a guest speaker for your school? Please send all inquiries to I’m located in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, but I’m available and willing to travel.

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As a former teacher, I pride myself on making these visits engaging for your students. My talks focus on writing, passion, reading, and how to explore new worlds through books. But don’t just take my word for it. Feel free to read the testimonials from other teachers and librarians who have hosted me in the past:

“Students, teachers, and parents are still talking about the impact his visit had on them and their students.  Since his visit, students have come to the Media Center regularly to check out the school’s copies… We are looking forward to Mr. Reintgen returning to Lufkin with book two!” – Diane Ruby, NBCT Librarian at Lufkin Road Middle

“Scott’s visit was electric.  The students responded to his warm, engaging, and thought-provoking presentation.” – Dr. Pamela Fitzpatrick, PhD – NBCT – Literary Coach at C.W. Stanford Middle School

“Scott was a compelling speaker and his message about finding your passion resonated powerfully with our students… They left the event energized, motivated and excited about reading his book!”  – Jennifer Cassidy, Librarian at Dillard Drive Middle

“Scott visited our school to speak with students about the process of becoming a writer.  His powerful message about finding a career that he loves inspired and engaged all of my students… I highly recommend him as a guest speaker…”  Kim Eckstein, NBCT of English at Apex Friendship High School

General Expectations for School Visits:

  1. I enjoy speaking with as many students as possible. Most of our visits now are auditorium-style visits with as many students as possible per session.
  2. Usually, we limit visits to a two session maximum. Visiting so many schools, it’s often difficult to maintain my health if we do 3 or 4 sessions at one school.
  3. Allowing students to purchase the book is a big part of these visits. It connects them with a new book they love to read, but it’s also helpful to me as the artist in sustaining a career and finding new fans/readers.
  4. Our visit will be supported by provided materials. I give you some great links and resources to get students excited about the visit well in advance.
  5. Your students will be as excited about the visit as you are about the visit. I wholeheartedly believe that a successful visit begins with librarians and teachers talking up the book. It’s fun to arrive on site and feel a palpable buzz amongst students. They’re excited to read! Does it get any better than that?
  6. Students can get signed/personalized copies of the book. This personal touch really connects them with the book!

Visit Formats:

Auditorium-Style Visit – This visit would be in your auditorium for either one or two separate class sessions. In this visit, I introduce the book, give a brief talk, and run students through a Q and A. These visits usually end with time for students to get their book signed.

Writer-in-Residence Visit – In a visit like this, I’d be coming to your school over a two or three day stretch, working with your students in workshops, and acting as a “guest lecturer” at the school.

Skype Class Visits – These sessions are a lot of fun, and usually require the least amount of work. Students read the first chapter before the visit, come up with questions, and we talk books/writing for an hour long session.

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