Week One: Recap!

So we’re getting closer to the end of my first week as a debut author… and what a week it was! The whole thing kicked off with an event at Cary High SchoolMy alma mater brought some 250 students to the auditorium and we talked passion, books, and more.

Later that night, I was humbled by the support of friends and family at our Barnes and Noble launch event. We had over 175 people come out! The next night, at Quail Ridge, we had a showing of another 60-75 people. It was honestly so much fun to see all the familiar faces and celebrate Nyxia.

I had memorable school events at Apex High, Apex Friendship, Knightdale, Green Hope, and Apex Middle after that. The one that maybe stands out in my mind is Apex Middle. Those kids were so thrilled to be speaking with an author!

Finally, I was in New Orleans on Sunday for SIBA 2017. I sat next to Alan Gratz, Sarah Tolcser, and Corabel Shofner on stage, talking about our books and why we wrote them.

We close out the first official week with an exciting event in Tempe, Arizona. Marie Lu and I will be at the Changing Hands Bookstore. If you haven’t seen Marie’s WARCROSS campaign, you’re seriously missing out. Not only is it a brilliant book, but the marketing for it has been so much fun.

So here’s my final plea: have you gotten the book yet?! Tracked down your own copy of Nyxia? Consider getting another copy to donate to a local school. Think about gifting it to a young reader who might like these kinds of stories. I’m encouraging folks to go out one more time if they haven’t already as we close out the week! Here’s the link! Thanks so much for all your support:


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