Congratulations to K.D. Edwards

I just wanted to take a second to congratulate a member of my writing group. K.D. Edwards deal announcement can be found here on the kt literary website:

I had the pleasure of working with K.D. over the last five years or so. I jumped into his debut novel and participated in critiquing it for nearly a year. Let me say with bold confidence that this is one of the most dynamic, incredible worlds I’ve ever read. Paired with Keith’s breathtaking prose and two, addicting central characters… It’s a book that should be on everyone’s radar. Thrilled for his deal and thrilled to see what comes next.

This is just one of those products that I’ll endorse over, and over, and over again until its publication date. It’s that good, it’s that worthy of your time and attention. Go read!

One thought on “Congratulations to K.D. Edwards

  1. Yeah, I’m willing to bet that this is the most awesome thing that will happen for the rest of the year. Thank you Scott. Goes without saying I’m going to be in the stands for NYXIA, screaming my lungs off.

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