That’s right.

We’re in full on puppy mode at the Reintgen household. After some social media voting, and serious deliberations, Katie and I decided to name our little chocolate lab Luna.

She is all the wonderful things…

… and she’s also chaos in 12 lb form. My last few days have been spent playing with Luna (Translation: trying to avoid being eaten alive). She’ll nap four or five times every day, for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During those times, I slowly tiptoe into the other room and scramble to do anything productive. But hey… at least she’s cute as a button.

Luna 1

Really, you’d have a hard time finding a button this cute, but I digress…

Here are a few things I’m learning in the first week of having a pupper:

  1. My wife is going to be a really great mom. She’s thoughtful, but more importantly, she has systems she likes to put in place. She’s going to be a smart mom.
  2. Luna wants to be wherever you are. You’re touching that? She wants to touch it, too.
  3. She will eat ANYTHING. Rabbit poop? Check. Mounds of grass? Check. Flowers? Check.
  4. But she’s obsessed with her dog food. I went to scoop some out the other day and she pulled some kind of Houdini act. I looked up and she was over the barrier and attacking me from the western flank. She came. I fell. She conquered.
  5. We’re learning a lot about how good God is to us. This puppy is straight helpless. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s peeing in the wrong places. She’s chewing on extension cords. We swing in and, to her infinite frustration, give her nudges away from a lot of bad stuff. It’s not hard to stretch the metaphor. You can probably measure what I know and understand in teaspoons. I’m sure God’s shaking his head at me all the time like I do with Luna, “He’s doing what now?”
  6. But we love her. And God loves us. That’s crazy good.
  7. Caring for a creature that can’t support itself is exhausting. People have babies and puppies simultaneously? Can you believe that? That’s amazing. Can we get these people medals? Candy bars? Something?
  8. I absolutely hate when she’s in pain. Seems like a given, but she has bad dreams and I go hold her for a little while. I stepped on her paw yesterday and thought she wouldn’t ever forgive me (she did!).
  9. But she’s totally cool when I get hurt. Between the biting and that time I fell down the stairs at 3am… she’s yucking it up over here.
  10. Sleep. I miss sleep.
  11. Who knew how much of a space in your heart is waiting to love other people/creatures? Sometimes it’s not something you’re feeling until there’s someone who needs you to, you know, pick up their poop and clap excitedly when they pee. True love, you know?

That’s it for this pupdate. Luna’s got a few more pictures up on Instagram, but here’s one more of the snooze machine:

Luna 2



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