Summer Update/Newsletter

For those of you not subscribing to the newsletter, here’s a summer update:

My blog has been quiet because our summer has been loud. The biggest news being: Katie and I bought a house! Talk about chaos. Does this house have the right pipes? What are the right pipes? Can you explain the amortization schedule to me one more time? Oh… can you unexplain that so I never think about it ever again? Aside from all the stress and learning that comes with owning our first home, there was also the packing, moving, and unpacking required. I assured Katie that I would use a magical spell to take care of everything. Fortunate, then, that my Patronus is a U-Haul truck.

On the fictional front, I’m happy to announce that we recently secured a deal in the UK for the Babel series. So the trilogy continues to do well abroad and we’re hoping for more announcements on that front in the future. I’ve also just finished and turned in copy edits on the first book. For those unfamiliar with the publishing industry, this is the level of edits in which a very intelligent person leaves me feeling like I stole my English degree from UNC. More seriously, I was amazed by the attention to detail in those notes. My favorite example has been the editor’s ability to determine an entire timeline based on one reference to the Super Bowl. Seriously, that’s nuts.

Right now, I’m finishing up my time at Duke Young Writers’ Camp. Teaching College Admissions Essays and Dark Fiction this summer has been such a blast. Katie and I are looking forward to a week in Wrightsville after the session finishes. After that, I’ll be back to full time writing. I can’t talk about those projects too much, but they involve magic horses, dirigibles, and a nine iron. Below you can find a few pictures from our summer!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and be on the lookout for more newsletters in the Fall!

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