Publishing Announcement

So it’s been an exciting week as my publishing deal finally went public. The flood of texts and tweets and celebration have really been encouraging, and the initial response to THE BLACK HOLE OF BROKEN THINGS sounds really great. Here’s a picture of the official announcement as found in Publisher’s Weekly:

Publishing Deal

That font’s tiny, so just know that the size of my heart right now is the exact opposite of that. Really feeling the love and just excited to being my journey as an author. Here we go!

3 thoughts on “Publishing Announcement

  1. Congratulations Scott!! This is really good news and I am really proud of you. I know you are celebrating in your head and in your heart you are truly blessed. “But in All things give thanks…” Even the small steps. Because they turn into bigger steps. And then good runs. What an exciting race you are running.

  2. Hello Scott! Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how excited I am for you. I love reading your blog and learning about your adventures and writing experiences. I can just imagine all the great ideas you’re coming up with while traveling/living in such inspirational-looking surroundings. I hope you and Katie have a great weekend!

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