Office Space in Switzerland

I’m an author who likes and needs a little noise. Just a little. So the perfect office, for me, involves movement and noise and people. Here are the places I end up working throughout a given week:

Blog 42

This spot is right by Zurich HB. Overlooking the river and parts of Old Town, I love sitting here in the morning and starting work.

Blog 72

This little spot is called Spheres. A restaurant and coffee place that’s down the street from where Katie and I live. I usually walk here in the afternoon to enjoy some outdoor seating.

Blog 71

Another early morning spot at another Starbucks. This one’s a bus ride away, located near Schiffhausen.

Blog 73

And naturally, you have to seek out inspirations from the writers of the past. I’ve stopped in at the James Joyce Pub a few times.

Blog 74

And last but not least, home. We might not have the most comfortable chairs, but sometimes it’s nice to post up, open a window, and write as the city noise funnels through.

These are just a few examples of my various office spaces here in Switzerland, but they’re so important to me. I’ve been so productive since arriving, but that’s mainly due to finding a comfortable place and writing, writing, writing. I know a handful of authors have “one spot” that’s comfortable. I even know a few that prefer to write on planes. But for me, the “one spot” has to be a little more flexible here in a new city with new opportunities.

What’s next?

Today, Victor and I head to Lucerne. Tomorrow, Katie, Victor, and I will be going to Paris. Pictures and updates to come! Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Office Space in Switzerland

  1. I know that you, Victor and Katie are experiencing a bonding that will last the rest of your natural lives. Anyone who lives and works outside the United States for a period of even a few years become, and what I have heard other people say, World Travelers. They are people who have lived and experienced life in other cultures. You three are just three more of those people. Sometimes you get lucky and people speak English. In my case nobody spoke English and I had to learn a very difficult language, which I did, and that totally added to the experience because even 25 years later I still speak pretty good Japanese. I could write a book on world travelers. But, hey, that’s what you do!! It’s an idea that I’ve thought about many times but the only thing I write these days are recipes and menus. Just sayin’……

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