Zurich Update: Small Happenings

Not everything can be as wonderful as Zermatt. The small happenings take us from one weekend to the next and I’ve always believed those little moments in between are just as much fun. Here are a few of the small happenings Katie and I have experienced this week in Zurich:

1. Our official permits arrived. Katie’s looked very much like a Most Wanted picture because the lady didn’t tell her she could smile. Unfortunately, the permit has allowed Katie to fit in here more than ever.

2. My electric trimmer of eight years died after one use. I stared at European versions that are all a bit more provocative than their American brethren. “This is for my beard,” I insisted to the seventy year old check out lady.

3. Water bottles. Very important to hang on to because water from the hundreds of city fountains is clean and free. Water at a restaurant, however, might cost you three dollars. If it doesn’t cost that, it still costs you your pride, because the waiter will undoubtedly lift their nose in who really orders water? disapproval.

4. Speaking of water bottles, one should be careful not to leave items of questionable value about the room. We have the strange benefit of having our apartment cleaned every Thursday. Last Thursday, they swiped our priceless bottles! At first, I thought thievery! Then I realized, they’re trying to keep us from being those people that refill the same water bottles for month after disgusting month (we now hide our bottles in the fridge on Wednesday nights… fight the man!).

5. Downtown Abbey is awesome. That is all.

6. Language trick: in very quick interactions, such as at the grocery store, you can probably pass off as a Swiss if you say, “Hallo,” instead of, “Hello.” However, going with the hallo immediately commits you in their eyes as someone who speaks German. So if you say this and the interaction lasts any longer than normal, you will face a rattling of language you do not understand. As a result, you will then have to reveal yourself as an impostor.

7. We’re both getting used to our offices. Katie’s been very lucky to have someone she can joke around with and that makes her feel really comfortable. I’ve been lucky that my office looks like this:

Blog 42

8. We sought solace in movies and popcorn. The Minions! Bob was my favorite.

Blog 43

9. Side note: I do not get the appeal of 3D movies. At all. It just sort of hurts my eyes.

10. I visited this beautiful market that was set up INSIDE Zurich’s main train station. But in Switzerland, a market isn’t going to be cheaper than other places. It’s actually be more expensive. Is that thing? Everywhere?

Blog 44

11. “And he did not delight in blessing, so it was far from him.” Psalm 109:17 – A simple adage from David. If you’re not delighting in blessings, it would make sense that they feel distant, if not existent. Sometimes I get stuck on a really hard section of the book I’m working on. Sometimes, Katie has a frustrating meeting or an incredibly busy day. But we also want to delight in being here, in learning new things, in pizza… and other stuff too, I guess.

Blog 45

Thanks for reading!

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