Zurich: A Very Cuban Update

We had our first guest!

And Zurich, jealous of our affections, threw a bit of a pity party. My freshman roommate, longtime friend, and groomsman, Francisco Suarez, was kind enough to pay us a visit on the hottest weekend of the year. We read that the high of 99 degrees on Saturday was the highest temperature in Zurich since 2003.

Needless to say, we still had fun. Francisco is easy company and we made our way around the city in spite of Zurich’s version of the dog days of summer. He got here on Friday and I showed him around Old Town, took him along Lake Zurich, and survived on schnitzel and ice cream. The next day, Katie had the foresight and wisdom to sign us up for a canoe experience with a local church group. We ponied up some cash and went on a 13 mile trip down the Reuss River. Highlights included feet in water, a handful of crazy Swiss river parties (one included a rave, the other included an actual picnic table someone had put in the water for their group), and not drowning.

The rest of the weekend was literally spent trying not to sweat. We stuck local, eating at Fraugarden and Rimini, floating around in the river near our apartment, and eating ice cream. Which, you might laugh at as being “local,” but the Swiss are forever eating ice cream in between trains. So while most of the weekend was spent ruminating on the purpose of ever building homes in the modern era without air conditioning, here are some of the highlights of our week:

1. Eating at Rimini, a typical Swiss swimming hole that converts to a pizza bar at night.

Blog 22

2. Roaming the streets and finding street performers (in between our ice cream eating)

Blog 23

3. Having Francisco to help us steer down the Reuss.

Blog 24

4. Every weekend with Katie is my favorite.

Blog 26

5. We commandeered this castle and ruled like kings. But then it was too hot, so we left.

Blog 27

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