Zurich: Day 8

Today, I spent some time getting inspired.

One of my favorite things about writing is the long and historical nature of the craft. People have always wanted to tell stories. They want to come up with clever plot twists, or give people a glimpse of their hometown, or capture an idea with words that haven’t been written before (or maybe have been written a thousand different times, in a thousand different ways).

The other beautiful things is that writing, while timeless, also has to change and adapt to the time period. Not long ago, I had a conversation with someone about writers like Hemingway and Joyce and Fitzgerald. We couldn’t help but wonder what their careers would have done if they’d live in THIS era. They’d have computers. Typing, copypasta, editing made easy. The possible output for them given these new tools would be incredible. But… they’d also have the internet, right? Would they get as distracted as I do by Twitter updates and ESPN articles (I’m guessing Hemingway definitely would have). Or would they have maintained the drive it took to become the classic and canonical authors they’ve become?

No idea. But it was fun today to take a seat at the bar of the James Joyce Pub. Opened in 1978, the interior of the pub was brought over from Ireland to Zurich, where James Joyce spent a lot of time living and writing. It’s a little bit corny, but I sat there at the bar, ordered a drink, and wrote free hand for an hour or so. It helped me think through a scene for my second book, but I have to admit, nothing really beats typing. Apologies to Mr. Joyce and his very talented friends.

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Update: Later in the day, Katie and I met up for dinner. Newsflash: It’s hot here. We went to a pretty snazzy outdoor restaurant and agreed that the shade to sun ratio was a dealbreaker. Then we made our way to eat at a salad place. We’re starting a new game of “Try a Meal and See Who Blindly Ordered the Better Meal.” Katie won. Her salad with quinoa and goat cheese was on point.

In spite of the constant drain from the heat, we did find some beautiful sights on our walk between restaurants. On the way home from the train, Katie described us as looking like, “old ladies in church.” Pretty good description. Francisco’s coming tomorrow, so we’ll likely get a nice Francisco-themed blog on Monday. Due to the nature of who Francisco is, that blog post is likely to be better than any blog post to date. Thanks for reading!

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