Zurich: Day 6

We stayed in Zurich for the weekend, which is something we don’t intend on doing too often considering all the places we want to go (first trip will be to Zermatt). But like any big city, there are so many things to explore that we could probably eat out every night, stay here every weekend, and still find some new, hidden corner of the city that’s lovely and worthwhile. This weekend consisted of:

1. Sightseeing

Blog 9

Around every corner, a church. Beautiful bell towers. Clock hands wrought gold. It’s beautiful. Katie and I covered sightseeing by heading to the very top of the city by train, by walking through the twisting streets of Old Town, and exploring our own neighborhood. The church pictured above is actually just a few hundred yards away from our apartment.

2. Eating good food.

Blog 10

The food here is interesting. Typically very simple. We actually noticed this on Sunday when we went to a post-church cook out. It consisted of bratwurst, a piece of bread, and water. Although there are a lot of international restaurants, the standard Swiss fare is straightforward and uncomplicated. To branch out from our week of salads and sausages and salmon, we found a place known for its “American-styled burgers.” Above is a feature shot from The Bite.

3. Solving German riddles in the form of household appliances.

Blog 11

What a time. We’re learning to enjoy the small victories (figuring out how to wash our clothes!) and how to overcome the small defeats (not understanding how to actually get those same clothes dry…). The machine pictured here is a great example of European efficiency. One machine: dryer and washer. Just like our microwave is also an oven. And our kitchen table is also my office. Very efficient. Unfortunately, we can’t quite get the “Trocknen” setting to work. Thankfully, we went to Ikea and purchased a drying rack. It was a twenty minute trip. We found most of the necessary household items, some cheap chocolate, and navigated back on the train without any problems at all.

4. Trying to capture what cannot be captured…

Blog 12

That’s probably the most difficult thing to relay to our family through conversation, or to write about in a blog. The vastness and the beauty of some new place. I wish you could see our view from Uetliberg; the stretch of unexplored city, the dance of white sails on the lake, the rolling country hills and their bright steeples. I wish you could see the little fountains in every courtyard and park, pouring clean water from the mouths of lions or gnomes or angels. It’s a beautiful city and we’ve only just started getting to know it.

Thanks for reading and more to come!

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