Zurich: I’ll Take Two, Utah.

How are Swiss people all so thin?

*Checks Health App on iPhone*

Oh. 30,000 steps, fifty-three flights of stairs, and sixteen miles walked. In two days. Compared to the last four days at home where I averaged about 3.5 miles, with my runs and rounds of golf included. So they walk a lot. We walk a lot. We walk to the bus, to the train, to the store. We walk a few blocks to eat a good meal. Walking and travel and transportation are integral to everything happening in the city.

Today, I caught seven trains, found my way onto eight different buses, and at one point was thrust upon an ostrich who knew the back alleys very well. But seriously. The transportation’s actually one of my favorite things. Not only is it efficient, but it’s relaxing. Five minute bus and a five minute train to grab lunch with Katie? And I got to read the whole way? Where do I sign up? Trust me, I’ve tried reading while driving. It’s not relaxing, or safe, or legal. All I have to be careful about here is not getting so into the book that I miss my stop (which The Girl on the Train is actually managing at points. Very similar to Gone Girl and quick-paced to boot). Anyways, when you’re relaxed, not frustrated behind the wheel of the car, and walking everywhere you go, you can certainly start to feel a bit better about yourself.

Highlights of the day:

– We went to the bank. They couldn’t give us an account yet, but they did give us ice cream. So there’s that.

Blog 5

– My morning stroll for breakfast and train passes and #amwriting

Blog 4

– No photo feature for these, but my favorites were: waking up and drinking coffee with my wife, confusing language barriers, upgrading my phone to a Swiss carrier, and no mustard. None. No matter what way you say it. Also, I saw where Katie works today. Her office is so Swiss-cool. Everyone that walked out looked like a model in a magazine for office furniture. Then Katie walked out. And she just looked like a model. She will make me edit this out. The first few who read it before she sees, enjoy!

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