First Day: Zurich

Let’s start with a tip of the cap to United Airlines. Talk about making 8 hours go by fast. They have a better selection of movies than Netflix or Redbox and I only regret that the third movie I watched got the last ten minutes cut off by an early arrival. Also, if you’re looking for a new science fiction book, Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer kept me pretty riveted. Great mix of cold science and frightening, numinous forces.

Anyways. Katie met me at the airport, and amazingly, she actually found me. I didn’t see any of her texts announcing the switch in location, so luckily she came sauntering up to me as I was in line to buy a train ticket. Our apartment is nice. Like most Swiss things it’s efficient and functional and sparing. Our balcony overlooks a busy Zurich street and it’s nice to hear the cars bustling by as we sit down after dinner and eat some chocolate. All in all, a great first day. Here’s a few photo highlights:

– Dinner in this trendy open air gardenbar:

Blog 1

– The riverside spot where I started reading The Girl on the Train

Blog 2

– Getting to roam Zurich with my wife and discover new things… like, you know, a roof made entirely of umbrellas.

Blog 3

So there’s the update. I’m just happy to be back with Katie and at the start of a brand new adventure. More to come!

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