Update: All things Switzerland

I know a lot of people think we left a month ago, but here’s a quick update about Katie and I and our trip to Switzerland.

After some delayed visas and flights, Katie reached Zurich on Saturday. She’s already there and, as she terms it, nesting in our lovely little apartment. Our neighborhood is, again as she terms it, the “hipster” section of the city. I will be flying out tomorrow, June 23rd, and joining my bride on the adventure of a lifetime. We hope you’ll pray for us and keep us in your thoughts. Katie will be working hard in a new role at her company, ABB. My goals are to write three novels while we’re there and, God help us, learn to cook. We will miss our friends and family quite a bit. Below are a few pictures from Katie’s first weekend in Zurich and from my final well-spent weekend in America.

Zurich Golf

Golf with Pat and Dad on Father’s Day. Of course, we let my dad win.

Zurich Hipster

Hipster bookstore… Also known as my new hangout.

Zurich Pic

A creative glimpse of Zurich from my bride.

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