A Poem for My Wife : I Met a Four

Was playing around with this yesterday. When I write poetry, it’s really only ever for her.

I Met a Four

Y’all… the other day I met a Four.

She came at me from every direction.

She was a western wind,

An east-setting sun.

She crossed equators with each high-heeled step,

And changed latitudes the first time she opened her lips.

I met a Four.

At a corner-street coffee shop.

The building is white-walled

With a naked cherub dappled blue

And a conversation in every booth.

I met a Four.

She turned the corner and smiled

An apocalypse on my knees.

Worlds ended in the time it took me

To say hello, how are you, my name is.

I met a Four.

She ordered, and I quote,

“The best cup of decaf she’s ever had.”

And when I asked if it was something about the recipe,

She said, “No, actually it was the company.”

You see I met a Four.

I’d been burned on blinds and bluffs and river cards, but

This girl? A queen.

She deserves a diamond on every finger.

And when you meet your queen, you start to feel like a king.

So I gave her my heart and asked if she’d be willing to follow suit.

I met a Four.

We talked for two cups, eight bucks.

We talked the moon into coming out, the stars into shining.

We talked across a coffee-ringed table and all I could think,

was that she was two feet too far away.

I met a Four.

I knew that night that I’d marry her.

She was sweet, summer rain.

Fireworks over fairgrounds.

She was the season’s first snow,

and Autumn’s green gone gold.

Y’all… I met my wife

At a corner street coffee shop.

Honestly, these words fall short.

So please accept my apology.

I’ve handed you a picture with faded edges.

Offered you a puzzle with missing pieces.

My wife is more than metaphors.

She is the story.

A whole new genre with all new characters,

She’s the final chapter and the opening pages,

My only hope is that all the sequels we write

Have her smile.

If I’m being honest, I’m still getting to know

the Author of this story.

But I can tell you I like where this plot is heading.

And if I’m being really honest,

I’d tell you that I skipped ahead

To page “Old and Grey”

Spoiler: We make it.

Spoiler: She was the one all along.

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