Pray for Us – We’re Going to Switzerland

It’s exciting, isn’t it?

My wife, Katie, works for a company called ABB. Without going into too many of the details, she has a rather unique niche in her company that makes her really valuable in what they do with their branding and marketing. She’s been hired to go to Switzerland for a year, and naturally I intend to go with her. What, you might ask, will happen across the Atlantic? And how, you might ask, can you be thinking about and praying for us? It might seem odd, but we’d love your support in prayer. Here’s a few things to be thinking about:

1. Katie will have to work really hard – so you could pray that she adjusts well to the new responsibilities she’ll have and gel with the new team she is placed on.

2. I will be writing a lot – so you could pray that the ideas keep rolling and my productivity keeps up. The first goal that I have in mind is to complete three novels (a science-fiction YA, a realistic YA, and a MG fantasy sequel). You could also pray for my continued search for a literary agent that would be willing to represent me. I’m working tirelessly, but it still takes some good fortune to connect with a person in this ultra-competitive field.

3. We will travel a lot – so you could pray that we are able to do so safely. You could also pray that God develops our wonder of Him. Beautiful places can have that effect; we don’t want to tour Italy, France, and Germany without remembering who created all of it.

4. We’ll be in a new place in which we know, oh, basically nobody – so you could pray that we connect with people, with a church, and with communities that are supportive.

5. We’ll be drastically changing a huge dynamic of our lives – so you can pray that Katie and I treat each other lovingly and grow deeper in our marriage. We’ve had such an amazing first year, but we know that marriage, and life, are difficult. Heading off to a new place for a year can definitely complicate and intensify what has been normal or expected. We want to use this time to grow closer and to learn more about each other.

6. Our parents won’t be fifteen minutes away – so you could pray that our hearts aren’t too heavy at the moments we miss them the most, and during the times when we normally would have been at the beach with the Reintgen’s or having a great Thanksgiving with the Zaccardo’s. This one will be the hardest and perhaps could use the most prayer!

7. We won’t have any awesome snack foods that are slowly killing me but I still eat them because they’re just so delicious – so, pray that I’m not going to be a baby about it?

All in all, it feels strange to share this amazing news and then ask for prayer. Prayer? But you’re going to Switzerland for a year! You’re going on an adventure! You’re off to see the beautiful sights of the world and meet new people and do some amazing things… well, yeah, of course! That’s why we wanted to go and why we’re excited to be going so soon. But it doesn’t eliminate a need for prayer. Katie and I know it will be as challenging as it is fun. We have stuff to take care of before going, we have stuff to consider for when we come back.

And we know that it will all be easier and more fulfilling if you’re praying for us. So thank you for reading and I’m happy to have your thoughts and prayers as Katie and I begin a really wonderful next step in our journey.

PS – We are coming back after a year. So… no worries there.

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