5 Strategies to Getting in the Door with a Literary Agent

It’s commonly known that the route to traditional publishing these days often goes through an agent. These fine men and women have taken up a life of monetary servitude in the field of literature. Through their connections, authors are able to seek out contracts with some of the top publishers in the industry. Their know-how is invaluable. But how do you actually get that inside scoop and find a literary agent of your own? Here are five strategies for getting in the door with a literary agent:

1. Puppies. Why save the best for last? Puppies are playful, fun, and even rascally. Not only will a potential agent be impressed, but they will view you more seriously by comparison. So go ahead and juxtapose yourself with an adorable lab mix, just make sure to punch holes in the box before mailing.

2. Favorite foods. I know I love it when my wife makes my favorite dish. Do a little research. That tweet about upside down pizza? That Instagram of the best “mocha” they’ve ever had? Not so fast! With the right recipe, a determined spirit, and that key under the back door mat… you could be providing your potential agent with their very favorite meal, and right to their kitchen!

3. Uncomfortable tweets. Tired of getting vague answers to your questions? Why not get oddly specific? Better yet, send them 20 or 30 tweets a day to show your sincerity. Plus, with all those tweets your crafting… might as well throw up an #amwriting, because this is just another form of dedication to your craft. If they block you, that’s just their way of saying, “Create another account and send me more!” Round and round we go.

4. Explain how you don’t need them. Classic, right? Sell yourself as a self-made millionaire. Remind them that your book will prove them wrong through centuries of success that they will regret in the eternal afterlife. They didn’t represent your book? That’s okay, because you have like twenty other agents that are very interested in it.

5. Hang Out Where THEY Hang Out- That favorite coffee shop? Their kids elementary school? Nothing’s off limits! Why not put yourself out there? And when you do, it helps to be seen in writerly poses and activities. Make sure you’re listening to that inspirational song, scribbling ideas in a journal, or just taking in nature for that upcoming scene where your narrator flees through the forlorn woods. It all shows the agent one thing: dedication, dedication, dedication.

By now, you’ve realized these are sure fire methods for enticing just about any agent. My book of agenting advice will be out soon. Do hope you’ll take a look!

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