Student Reading Survey: Interesting Stat #1 – Social Media

I will be posting a series of short glances at students in my school and their reading preferences/tendencies. The first interesting trend I pulled out was based on the following question:

Do you follow any authors you like on blogs, Twitter, or other social media?

Yes – 40%

No – 60%

This survey was taken of 100 students. Who are these students? Each of them was in a section of my Creative Writing class. 85% of them signed up for the class because they loved to read or write. At least 22% of them see becoming an author as a possible career. They range every socioeconomic and racial group typical to American high schools. When asked how many books they read this year, 75% had read five books or more. And yet… these socially active, media-centric students predominately did not follow their favorite authors on line. Of the 40 that indicated that they did, ten of them specifically cited that they follow John Green.

Takeaway – Authors have the challenge of making their web presence known and making their accounts worth following. Currently, it would appear that too many fans and readers are not bothering to treat their authors the same way they treat athletes or other celebrity figures.

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