A Lesser Known Will Ferrell Video

Just thought I’d share one of the most underrated acts that Will Ferrell has done. Most of the time, people are familiar with his movies and some of his more popular YouTube videos, but this one is a classic. He appears at a award ceremony for defensive players and pretends to be Ronnie Lott’s old football coach. The highlights of course:

1. “Where is he? Where is he? SIX!”

2. “We had him on defense, we had him on offense, we had him on special teams. He was in the stands during timeouts serving nachos.”

3. “We’re here to honor the best player I ever coached… he, of course, is not here tonight. Little Korean kid named Rob Cho…”

4. “You want to know how tough Ronnie Lott is? He’s the only player we let smoke cigarettes in the defensive huddle. That’s how tough Ronnie Lott is.”

If you haven’t seen it, your missing one of the best bits he’s done off the cuff. A must watch during Superbowl weekend. The link is below.

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