Mid-Season Review: NFL Playoffs

I made some predictions and the NFL season, wildly enough, is at its midpoint! Let’s see how I’m doing. (Bolded teams are successful predictions to now. Unbolded have some work to do):

NFC East- Eagles … Currently 5-2 and a little behind the Cowboys. With Tony Romo’s potential back issues, I still like the Eagles to continue their way up the ranks of the division.

NFC North – Lions... 6-2 and they’ve been without Calvin Johnson for, well, basically the whole season? Love this pick, still.

NFC South- Saints… 3-4 and they’re playing Carolina tonight for control of the division. Considering the Panthers’ inconsistencies, I still like the Saints to pull out of this surprisingly weak division.

NFC West- 49ers… 4-3. A couple games back of the Cardinals, but the Cards have definitely been squeezing out the close games in a truly crazy fashion (last week’s pass to John Brown?! And Fitz?). I’m not feeling great about it, but it could still pan out if Harbaugh gets more out of his running game..

Wild Card Teams: Seattle and Chicago- This, I think, is where I might have missed. I really don’t trust the Cowboys to stay as consistent as they look. I think Seattle can still sneak in, but I do believe that the Packers are likely to find their way into the playoffs, too.

AFC East- New England Patriots- 6-2 … Looking like an easy pick, in spite of how they started.

AFC North- Cincinnati- 4-2-1 … I think they’re still the best team, but I can’t help loving the Steelers chances after that breakthrough game against the Colts.

AFC South- Indianapolis 5-3 … Still like them as the possible Super Bowl contenders. Luck can pull points from anywhere.

AFC West – Denver 6-1… This one was easy, right?

AFC Wildcards- Chargers (5-3) and Steelers (5-3) – Right now, the Chargers are one of the wildcard teams. The other one is… Buffalo? Yikes. I like them fading, but I don’t know who will win the race between the Steelers and the Ravens. Really hoping we can take the game this week and leave the Ravens in third in the division. Crucial weekend.

Either way, it’s crazy that we’re already halfway in. How do we get this to be year round? Please?

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