I Was Counting on You

Our world is founded on connection. That sounds like a bad slogan for General Electric, but it remains a constant fact in our day to day experiences. Yesterday, I was struck by some of the funny and inevitable ways that I am counting on other people and taking my interactive cues from what they’re doing or not doing. Here are some examples of people I count on in regular situations to help me figure out what my course of action should be:

  1. Bathroom Line Guy– I went to Las Olas in Wrightsville last night with my family. Before my mom and dad arrived, I figured it was an ideal time to use the bathroom. I walked over and ran into the age old problem: one-man bathrooms. Someone was already waiting outside of the bathroom, thumb scrolling through some app on his iPhone. I posted up like the wallflower I am and knew that I had secured my place in line. We waited. And waited. And… waited. After about five minutes, the guy on the iPhone glances at me, pockets his iPhone, and tests the knob. Unlocked. Really, dude? I was counting on you. Your next in line! I was counting on you to make sure there wasn’t someone in the bathroom and to keep things efficient! Know your role!
  2. Late Signal Turners– We’re counting on you, too. You’re ready for your right turn. At the mouth of the road, staring down the traffic on your left, just waiting for the safe opportunity to pull out. A single car comes down the right lane (perhaps having just pulled out themselves). Behind them is a mountain of traffic that’s just been released at the nearest stoplight. You know you’ll have to wait for a while, if only this one car wasn’t coming down the road. You sit back in your seat, ready to wait for a minute or two, when at the last second, the single car pops on a right signal and turns. This turn allows you to be about 5 feet away from the person who just single-handedly wasted about two of your precious minutes. Cars start to whizz by and you shake your head, wishing, knowing, that you were counting on that person to let you know ahead of time, “I’m turning! Get out while you can!” Pull it together late-signal turners.
  3. Email Chain Enthusiasts- Fellow teachers and staff members, we value your opinions. We love to hear about what’s going on around the school. But is a school-wide email about your missing coffee mug the most appropriate use of time and resources? I’m not so sure you can convince me and I’m counting on you to keep the email lanes unclogged as we go through a school day juggling twenty other, more pressing things than “What color are the volleyball uniforms this year?” At least… I think we are.

That’s all I have today, but remember everyone… when it comes to some of these basic life on life situations, we’re counting on you to make all our lives a little more simple.

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