First Impressions: New Reads

As my wife can tell you, I’m always picking up a new book. At Goodwills, in actual book stores, even in the grocery if I can swing it. She also could tell you that I leave books facedown, partially read, in every single room of our home. Right now, I’ve got two or three going that I’m really thrilled about. Here are some first impressions that have me excited, excited, excited:

1. The Emperor’s Blades – by Brian Staveley

Suggested by a few authors, this book hooked me from the get-go. I picked it up in the store, read the first three pages, and immediately purchased it. Staveley shows off some excellent world-building in the first chapter with an “ageless, eternal” character mercilessly ridding the world of his own child because she is suffering from “the rot”. Turns out this rot actually is just aging, considered a disease and a plague to those that do not suffer the consequences of wrinkles and weakness. A really wonderful beginning that plunges us into the intrigue of a well-wrought world with gripping characters.

2. A Turn of Light – by Julie Czerneda

Fresh from winning a Prix Aurora Award for Best English Novel, A Turn of Light was suggested to me by a favorite literary agent of mine. I find myself loving the world. Czerneda’s prose has a little bit more of romanticism to it than I’m accustomed to and Marrowdell definitely gives the author an opportunity to render some flowery, powerful descriptions for us. More than the surface romance and character desires, though, is all of the subterfuge happening around the life of Jenn Nalynn. I can’t wait to figure out the riddles of Wisp and Scourge in this layered, well-paced story.

3. Red Seas Under Red Skies- by Scott Lynch

Lynch picks up right where he left off in book one of the Gentleman Bastards series. Locke has his hands in the pockets of the wealthy and he’s working all of the angles in a world drenched with magic, originality, and sin. With so much to build upon from the first book, I was happy to see Lynch drag us almost immediately into the muck and mire of consequences derived from possible mistakes in the first book. The pace is set, the action is on, and I’m waiting to see how Locke will get out of it this time.

So that’s what I’m reading! What are you reading? Or have you read these books before? Always love to have new ideas of where to go next! Happy reading to all.

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