Genuine Thoughts from My First Day of School

Just a few things that go through my head at least once on the first day of school:

1. Magic Man? What kind of nickname is Magic Man?

2. If the sophomore Scott Reintgen was sitting here, which one would he be?

3. Oh… the kid sleeping in the back row as we discuss “responsibility”

4. We’re only halfway through third period and I really need to use the bathroom.

5. I hope they make it. I hope they take these words to heart.

6. Did you really just say that?

7. Was I ever that quiet? Is it bad to be quiet? Do they know they have a voice? Or are they just hoping we’ll listen a little closer?

8. Crap… did I make enough copies of the syllabus? That stack looks a little low.

9. Wow. That guys got a strong beard for a 10th grader.

10. I hope an administrator doesn’t walk in right now.

11. I hope an administrator walks in right now.

12. That joke worked better the second time.

13. What do I have to do to break through the walls you’re already putting up? What will it take?

14. Do you know how hard I’m going to work for you? Do you know that I’ll break my back and sweat and struggle to fall asleep some nights because you won’t turn assignments in?

15. Okay, it’s getting a little loud in here.

16. Okay, it’s awkwardly quiet in here.

17. My feet kind of hurt.

18. My voice is feeling a little strained.

19. I wonder if there are any other jobs I could apply for.

20. I love my job.

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