How I Met My Wife

So… its 2012. I do not doubt that people still met randomly. I am sure in the year 2012 someone met at the fair, or on a bus, or at the movies. My first conversation with Katie began when my Aunt Diane, for the fiftieth time that summer, suggested that I meet this “perfect girl”. Eventually? I took a very bold first step. The Facebook message…

Conversation started October 3, 2012… 10/3, 8:10pm

Hey Katie,

  • I’m sure this is kind of odd, but my aunt and Mrs. Moore have all but demanded that I message you. I’ve never been a big fan of messaging someone I dont know, especially on Facebook. But I also am really appreciative of kind gestures and I think that what my aunt is trying to do might fall in that category? As you probably already know my name is Scott and I live in the Raleigh area. I teach nearby and help out with YoungLife and a whole lot of other things that I’d rather talk about in person and ask you about in person. So I’m not sure if you really do want to hang out, or if this is just my aunt demonstrating the crazy/ridiculous side of the Martin sisters. But maybe you’re a coffee person and you’d like to sit down for coffee sometime, or tea, or sushi, or a burger… or whatever. Just let me know if you’d like to hang out sometime, I’d love to meet you.


    As Katie and I continue to celebrate being married, it was fun to look back at the first time we spoke. Even if it was on Facebook, I still was incredibly nervous to take that first step.

    Katie eased all of my nerves with her response. She thanked me for “contacting her” and wanted to grab coffee when “time allowed.” She also called her high school girls her “heartbeat”, which had me wanting to meet her right then and there.

    This led to our first date. I first saw her on the corner outside of Cup A Joe. She made me laugh while we waited in line for coffee. We talked for two hours. She had me begging for a second date. I collapsed onto the couch that night, and told Wes Eppele, “I don’t know what just happened…”

    And then, you know, we got married and all that jazz.

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