Take the Leap

We all want to take the leap. There is something in our lives that pushes us to do the daring, to attempt the impossible, to set our fears aside. These basic human tendencies make for wonderful stories, and I’ve found they also make for wonderful worldbuilding.

The Leap- A tavern exclusively available to Safe Harbor students. The restaurant sits on an island out at sea and the only way for students to get there? Take a leap from the cliffs down into the ocean below. Just before they hit the waves they feel a magical tug, a slight transportation, and their feet set down in front of the tavern. Here is Shivers’ first experience as he leaps from the cliffs to enjoy Safe Harbor’s well-kept secret:

“Time suspended as my arms flailed out and the crowd took a collective breath. Then it sped up and I moved faster than I ever thought a person could move. My breath was ripped from my lungs as I plummeted toward the waves below.

I let out a terrified scream and then my body jolted to a halt.

Waves crashed all around me, but I was not wet or broken or drowned or dead. I opened my eyes and found myself on solid ground. The air was filled with salt and heat. Just ahead stood a two-story cabin with little lamps hanging in its circular windows. The roof was made of wooden shingles doused and darkened by sea spray. Everything slanted steeply toward the midnight sky.

Winston strode out of the darkness and held out his hand.

‘Welcome to The Leap.'”

Again, this is from my recently finished novel. The story centers around Shivers, a young wizard who maintains his powers during dark times. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and happy Friday, everyone!

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